What is Switchere? An introduction to a safe, licensed non-custodial crypto exchange

What is Switchere?

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Switchere is a secure, licensed and non-custodian cryptocurrency exchange service that allows you to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit card.

Switchere is a relatively new exchange that launched last yea. It got two licenses from Estonia- a virtual wallet provider license and an exchange services license. The company is also based in Estonia- one of the most innovative and progressive countries in Europe that supports emerging technologies such as blockchain. Estonia government has introduced very friendly regulations that support cryptocurrencies companies.

One of the main advantage of Switchere, apart from the ability to buy cryptocurrencies with cards is the friendly user interface and good user experience. Users can also log in using their facebook or google accounts. The platform is pretty easy to user, especially for beginners. The company envisions a mission to develop a simplate Fiat gateway that could be used by anyone new to cryptocurrencies.
Switchere accepts cards as the cover countries for most of its coverage in most European countries.

Is Switchere safe?
This is indeed one of our most important question users will need to ask before making any cryptocurrencies transactions with a new exchange.
Therefore, you need to consider a number of factors before considering a new exchange making transactions.


Swichere is a licensed exchange

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As mentioned above, this platform got two licenses from Estonia- a virtual wallet provider license and an exchange services license, which is somewhat reassuring. What this means is users’s funds are protected to some extent in case of incidents.

The licence application also means that the company and its directors will have to undergo comprehensive KYC audits. Estonian authorities regard Switchere as a reasonable exchange, and this shows that they consider it to be one of the safest and most secure exchanges in the world with the highest level of compliance.

User Security
Like most of the popular crypto exchanges, Switchere offers a wide range of user security, such as 2FA which can be done through phone or google authentication.

How it works

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  • Buy and exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Send cryptocurrencies to your wallet address

Now let us start trying out this new crypto exchange service.