About Blocks99

About us

Blocks99 is an integrated blockchain and Fintech media and marketing content platform for millienials

On the media front, we feature the latest and most relevant news in these regions, interviews with top industry experts who share their thoughts and insights, as well as provocative opinion pieces and brief introductions to key blockchain topics.

Our target audience comprises young readers from Europe and Asia who are educated and business, and technology-savvy. They typically access the content from mobile devices and expect quick and easy information.

Blocks99 is the only media portal with a clear focus on financial applications of blockchain technology and the aim of fostering large-scale understanding and adoption. 

Our mission is to bridge the gaps between traditional and crypto finance, bringing the two closer together to open up new horizons in the open financial economy.

Blocks99 has recently tapped into the first Asian market with its Vietnamese dedicated media site, and the Vietnamese communities in various channels.

We offer strategic media and marketing, community consultancy for blockchain companies, as well as the implementation of those strategies. We work with local talented tech individuals and teams to co-create blockchain products that could be scaled in the global market.

Blocks99 is the only blockchain and Fintech media and marketing portal available in two languages- English and Vietnamese.

Of course, we believe in the power of social media marketing. We are in:

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