Blockchain company seeks growth in China

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Blockchain company has announced plans to partner with RockTree LEX and expand its opt-in value exchange digital advertising model into Greater China.

The firm says it has signed an advisory agreement with RockTree LEX to provide strategic support of blockchain company in its growth plans into Asia. RockTree LEX will assist with cross-border blockchain legal compliance and go-to-market strategy. In its announcement, comments that the e.commerce markets in Greater China are larger than both the US and UK markets combined, and that e-commerce shoppers in the region are readily primed through developed reward programs for a switch to an opt-in value exchange model.

RockTree LEX is a blockchain-focused professional services platform specializing in providing international legal compliance, transaction execution, overseas investment, token exchange listing and global expansion for top-tier blockchain projects. “We identify blockchain projects with real utility potential combined with massive markets waiting to be unlocked, then help them localize and rapidly scale into Asia,” says RockTree LEX CEO Omer Ozden, adding “ is going even further and defining a whole new category of advertising that we predict will significantly challenge the old industry model while taking ad revenue away from well-known behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and Baidu and distributing that value back to the consumer.”

Disrupting traditional advertising

As the its suggests, flips the existing legacy advertising model by starting with the person’s permission, then engaging with the consumer and offering rewards for time and purchases that come as a result of opt-in advertising. Permission’s blockchain and cryptocurrency “ASK token” enable users to own, control and profit from their own data. CEO and Founder Charlie Silver comments, “Permission is excited to bring the world an advertising platform that enables individuals to earn from their time and data, and that builds trusted relationships between brands and consumers. Advertisers, ad agencies and individuals will all benefit from a model where value is distributed more equally along the buying journey and away from big tech’s centralization and exploitation of consumer data.”

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