Editorial policy

Editorial policy

Blocks99 mission

At Blocks99, an integrated blockchain marketing content portal, our mission is to educate and inform all stakeholders – including newcomers as well as industry insiders – about the latest trends and developments in the European and Southeast Asian blockchain landscapes.

Journalistic integrity 

Blocks99 pride ourselves in strongly adhering to the strictest journalism standards. We strive for the utmost accuracy and neutrality when reporting and editing the content.

Blocks99 does not accept any financial compensation or benefits-in-kind for content that is not explicitly identified as sponsored or with disclosure of market. All of the sponsored articles and interviews on our site are clearly disclosed. We do not pay for news and content tips and sources. 

Opinion pieces authored by shareholders or management team members of Blocks99 are clearly identified as such and reflect the views of the individual author only. These do not necessarily represent the views of Blocks99 as an independent media outlet.

Monetization model 

Blocks99 monetizes through sponsored content and advertising.

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