TomoChain – A public blockchain from Southeast Asia

by Blocks99

11 months ago

This recently launched blockchain from  Southeast Asia is a further example of how many different applications blockchain technology can enable. Here, we let TomoChain speak for itself.

  • Blockchain ecosystem for developers
  • Various different use cases up and running
  • Coming from Southeast Asia with a global focus

TomoChain is a public blockchain from Southeast Asia that aims to achieve high transaction speeds without compromising decentralization. It does this by utilizing a consensus method called proof of stake Voting (PoSV), which incentivizes tokenholders to play an active part in staking across a network of 150 masternodes and to monitor their performance and governance actively. TomoChain mainnet was successfully launched in 2018, operating with 2,000TPS and a near-zero transaction fee, enabling a much faster and cheaper way to build decentralized apps (dapps) and issue tokens while keeping the network decentralized and secure.

TomoChain has systematically focused on building its flagship products to encourage mass adoption of blockchain and crypto. In August 2019, it launched TomoZ – Zero Friction protocol, the first on-chain protocol that offers any user the option of paying transaction fees with the same token that the user is holding. TomoChain plans to roll out TomoX – a decentralized exchange protocol based on its blockchain infrastructure, which will be integrated into its blockchain consensus layer. In addition, the company provides blockchain-based solutions for enterprises and governments in many areas such as traceability, healthcare, education and finance. 

Country of establishment: Singapore, with offices in Japan and Vietnam. 


  • Long Vuong: Founder & CEO, Co-founder and former project lead of NEM blockchain
  • Son Nguyen: Co-founder & CTO, Founder of Koor.IO, former Web Team Leader and Solution Architect at Sigma Solutions
  • Le Ho: Co-founder & CFO. Former Senior Investment Manager at BVIM, Director of Investment Banking Division at HSC Securities Company, CFA charter holder

Use cases

The TomoChain blockchain and product ecosystem allow developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions to build high-performance, feature-rich blockchain projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform.

Triip Protocol: Triip is a sustainable travel tech company with 100 other travel innovators across the world. Triip allows TOMO holders to book hotels and vacation packages using TOMO. TriipMiles ($TIIM), the first ICO on TomoChain, issues tokens on TomoChain.

WisePass: WisePass is a lifestyle membership that lets subscribers enjoy drinks and meals with special promotions. WisePass and TomoChain work together to integrate TOMO into the WisePass app as the first cryptocurrency payment option, alongside VND, Bath and Peso. 

SenPoint: Using TRC 21 tokens as loyalty points, SenPoint allows customers to store and spend all of their rewards from different stores in a single account, rather than having to sign up for multiple individual cards, programs and apps.

Constant: Constant is a cryptocurrency lending platform. The TOMO token is accepted as a form of collateral.

Alternative Investment and Security Exchange (“AIS”): AIS is the first cryptocurrency exchange from Mongolia. AIS’s exchange token was issued on TomoChain.

NOIA Network: NOIA Network is a distributed content delivery network startup. NOIA Network will issue NOIA tokens on TomoChain.

BitOrb: BitOrb is a crypto derivatives exchange. BitOrb will issue its exchange token on TomoChain.

Monthly active users 

  • No. of tokenholders: ~ 9000 
  • Total unique users: 5798 

Token name: TOMO

  • TOMO is listed on 10+ crypto exchanges including Binance, Kucoin,, BitForex, Hotbit

Token usages: Users can use $TOMO to 

  • Become a masternode (50K TOMO as minimum requirement) 
  • Vote/Stake for masternodes via TomoMaster
  • Stake $TOMO on crypto exchanges (soft staking on Kucoin and Binance), crypto wallets (Hashkey, Cobo Wallet), staking pools to gain passive incomes 
  • Use dapps via TomoWallet, for example:
  • Pay $TOMO to get benefit subscriptions (drinks, meals, spa, luxury services) via WisePass 
  • Pay $TOMO to book tours, buy travel packages or vouchers via Triip
  • Earn $TOMO from playing dApp games 
  • Invest/Borrow money from $TOMO as collaterals on Myconstant 
  • Trade $TOMO on crypto exchanges

How to use dApps on TomoChain

Step 1: Download TomoWallet app on App Store/GooglePlay

Step 2: Create a new account following instructions

Step 3: On the main page, scroll down to Utilities and click to D-App Browser to see the list of dapps on TomoChain

Step 4: Select your favorite dapp. 



Please note: this article is the partner content provided by TomoChain. Blocks99 does not necessarily endorse the project, its use cases and activities in any way.

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