Selected reports published by blockchain and digital asset industry stakeholders

Grayscale report ”Bitcoin and the rise of digital gold” 2019

OECD report ”Cryptoassets In Asia” 2019

CoinShare report on crypto trend 2019

Deutsche Bank  report Imagine 2030

Bayern LB Bank paper on Bitcoin 

Deloitte’s 2019 global blockchain survey

PWC’s 2019 Crypto Hedge Fund report

The Crypto Valley’s Top 50 Q1 2019 report

ConsenSys’s Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2019

Grayscale Digital Asset Investment Report Q1-2019

R3’s Digital Asset Working Group Report

European Central Bank: Understanding the crypto-asset phenomenon, its risks and measurement issues

Deloitte: Are token assets the securities of tomorrow?

Ciphertrace’s 2019-cryptocurrency-anti-money-laundering-report

G7 Working Group on Stablecoins Report





This list is updated on an ongoing basis. If your organization has published relevant reports that you wish to be included in this list, please feel free to send them to us at:

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