Brave browser wants UK to crack down on Google

by Karin Chang

7 months ago

The team behind Brave browser wants the United Kingdom’s consumer protection agency to crack down on Google for allegedly having an unfair competitive advantage due to its massive volume of user data.

In a submission filed with the agency, Brave claimed the country has failed to enforce European data protection laws. It says this has given Google an unfair advantage over its competitors. 

In an open letter to the agency, Dr. Johnny Ryan, Brave Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer, said he felt the current Real-Time Bidding (RTB) system posed the biggest data breach in the world, as personal data are being broadcast among thousands of companies.

He proposed for the agency to limit the platform’s monopoly on internal data and have vigorous and robust enforcement of the law that extends beyond RTB. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prohibits major tech firms from sharing user data across different entities of their businesses.

Blockchain-based Brave

Brave is a novel blockchain-based browser solution that blocks ads and protects personal data. Users earn rewards for viewing advertising content.

(Source: Brave browser)