EDCON Ethereum conference in planning

by Blocks99

8 months ago

The annual EDCON Ethereum conference takes place this year in Vienna, Austria, from April 3 to 7. Community Ethereum Development Conference is a non-profit global Ethereum event.

The EDCON Ethereum conference is held in different countries each year. Its main goal is to serve the Ethereum ecosystem, boosting communication and interaction among Ethereum communities worldwide. It is a community-supported event organized by LinkTime, and receives strong support from Ethereum Foundation, various communities and other contributors.

Speakers include Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum Foundation Core Researchers Danny Ryan and Hsiao-Wei Wang. Alongside topics of Ethereum technology updates, business use case, investment, governance and community building, this year’s event will focus on the “Renaissance of Crypto-economics.” In addition, it will feature an Artistic Free Crypto Market, where participants can trade with cryptocurrencies. The conference will be hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Last year’s event

In 2019, the conference took place in Sydney, Australia. There, it focused on topics like commercializing blockchain, debugging the consensus and scaling zero-knowledge proofs. Speakers in Sydney included Ethereum Foundation Researcher Virgil Griffith, who spoke on the topic of “Special Projects at Ethereum Foundation.” Griffith faces charges in the US for traveling to North Korea and allegedly sharing technological knowledge with Pyongyang.

(Source: EDCON)

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