EU offers €30,000 in funding for blockchain or DLT startups

by Blocks99

7 months ago

The EU-funded project Blockpool will award up to €30,000 in funding for blockchain or DLT startups. The best 25 applicants will receive financial support, mentoring and further education.

To be eligible for the funding for blockchain or distributed edger technology (DLT), startups must be located in the European Union and have fewer than 250 employees.

The Blockpool project

Blockpool is a project co-funded by the European Commission to accelerate adoption of blockchain and DLT across Europe. Blockpool will select the best 25 innovation ideas and provide support in bringing them to market. The Blockpool project is jointly run by a consortium of European organizations from, led by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

Startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are invited to submit their applications by February 26, 2020. It is calling for applications from a range of different industries and sectors including financial services, industrial products, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, utilities, raw materials, healthcare, transport, logistics, government, smart cities, retail, consumer goods, media and social good projects.

Successful applicants will not only receive funding, but will be provided with mentoring, educational training and access to supported from existing DLT networks. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to attend boot camps in Valencia, Frankfurt and Limassol. Mentors are allocated to each project to support it on the path from proof of concept to market readiness. Companies looking for developers receive a unique opportunity to be matched with developers from the project’s existing network.

Full information and application requirements can be found on Blockpool’s Website.

(Source: Medium)

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