Tron tweets new decentralized stablecoin plans

by Blocks99

1 month ago

Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun has tweeted that the Tron community is working on a new decentralized stablecoin. In the message, he also asks followers for naming suggestions for the new coin.

The Twitter post reads: “TRON community will launch a new decentralized stablecoin backed by TRX & BTT. What’s the best name for this stablecoin?” It quickly drew more than 900 mixed responses. Many of comments ridicule the plan with name suggestions such as “Scamcoin.”

Giveaway incentive program

The move comes after Tron distributed 50m TRX to the 20 best Super Representatives (SRs) within the Tron community. Sun shared an update on the giveaway program on January 16, saying it had been successfully completed. The update includes a call for organizations, institutions and individuals to join the Tron ecosystem, help build the Tron community and further promote the development of Tron.

The incentives were awarded based on the overall performance of each competing organization in promoting Tron. The company launched the giveaway program in November 2019.

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized operating system with a native cryptocurrency, abbreviated as TRX. Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun founded the company in 2017.

(Source: Twitter, Medium)

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