Non-profit for decentralized technologies like blockchain in Frankfurt

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The Waves Association has set up a non-profit aimed at promoting the Web3 paradigm and decentralized technologies like blockchain, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The organization has called it an important moment in the history of the Waves ecosystem, representing the formation of an independent body to promote Web3 and decentralized technologies like blockchain. It seeks to define priorities and directions for the development of its technologies through a decentralized voting process at association meetings.

The association plans to implement DAO-like mechanisms on the blockchain for submitting initiatives, making decisions, incentivizing the community and other benefits for maximum transparency and decentralization. Countries involved include Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.

Ambitious goals

In additional to implementing decision-making on the blockchain, such as voting on all major issues and updates, and developing DAO-style governance, the Waves Association wants to develop the Waves protocol and infrastructure. This includes a decentralized network, technologies and various development tools, with focus on the next-generation Waves technology stack, Gravity Hub.

It also says it wants to enable anyone to build on Waves and create their own applications and use cases with the ecosystem’s technologies and tools. Active collaboration with universities, research centers, industry, and governments in Europe and around the world are also on the agenda.

The Waves Association was established to provide next-generation technologies for the creation of trustless ecosystems.

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