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The Digital Economist launches in Davos

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8 months ago

The launch coincides with the World Economic Forum’s 50th Anniversary. Its motto: Mobilizing the global innovation community in Davos to build a human-centered digital economy.

The Digital Economist launches in Davos

WASHINGTON, DC, January 17, 2020: The Digital Economist, a Washington-based global impact platform focused on co-creating solutions to drive technological convergence in the new digital economy to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals is convening a gathering of 200 corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and venture capitalists in conjunction with the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. With 15 partner organizations and over 35 Council Members, the organization calls forth for radical collaboration and a human-centered approach to technology, culminating in the inaugural Roundtable and launch of The Digital Economist on January 23.

The Council of extraordinary global leaders, experts in economics, social entrepreneurship, nonprofits, technology, and impact investing are helping to curate this gathering.They come from places such as the MIT Media Lab, WEF Forum Council, European Commission, Ernst & Young, Global Digital Finance, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Bank of America and more. The roundtable will be held at the Caspian Week. 


Founder and CEO, Navroop Sahdev says, “The Digital Economist defines a bold vision and investable opportunities for a new human-centered digital economy based on sustainability, transparency, decentralization, individual privacy and collaboration.”

The Digital Economist VP and co-producer and Dream Tank founder Heidi Cuppari further elaborates, “Technological convergence, combined with radical collaboration and youth innovation, are the key to turning the tide for humanity and the planet”.

The Digital Economist partner organizations coming together to produce the kickoff of 2020 include academic partners like MIT Connection Science and UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies; industry partners including Dream Tank, Snap IT, Global Citizen Forum, Global Digital Finance, Blackfox Philanthropy, Alliance 4 Impact, Pink Lion AI and Astra Group; media partners including Transcendent Media Capital, Molinari Media and Blocks99; experience partners, Flow VR and venue partners, Caspian Week

The vision of The Digital Economist calls forth conscious stewardship paired with curated access and collective action. As part of the week’s activities in Davos, The Digital Economist is also partnering with the first season of “Showing Up” produced by The Digital Economist’s media partner Transcendent Media Capital, a live-streamed web-based reality series that will follow co-hosts Peta Milan and Navroop Sahdev. The series focuses on people showing up to affect change and includes women in leadership roles, children showing up to speak out about things that matter and men challenging the status quo. Davos will be Season 1 for the show and further seasons are scheduled for March 2020. 

About The Digital Economist

The Digital Economist is a global impact organization with the mission to drive technological convergence for a human-centered digital economy by bringing investable opportunities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, to the fore. The organization serves as a platform that channels thought leadership, radical innovation and targeted investments on outcomes with the biggest impact for the greatest number of people. The Digital Economist roundtable series convenes enterprises, startups and innovators to explore, discuss and steward the business models and strategies that will hallmark the next phase of global economic transformation. Distilling the cutting edge tools from economic science, with hands-on industry experience, the inaugural summit is held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum in Davos. 

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