Twitter wants a decentralized standard for social media

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Twitter plans to set up an independent team of researchers to move its platform onto a blockchain and “build an open and decentralized standard for social media,” CEO Jack Dorsey said on Wednesday.

Twitter CTO Parag Agarwal has been tasked with hiring a team lead for this project, which is dubbed Bluesky. The Bluesky team plans either to build the platform on an existing decentralized social media standard like Steem or build its entire infrastructure from scratch.


Dorsey says he was inspired by a proposal from Techdirt founder Mike Masnick, in which he talks about altering digital infrastructure to promote Free Speech. “Centralized enforcement of global policy to address abuse and misleading information is unlikely to scale over the long-term without placing far too much burden on people,” he tweeted.

In the series of tweets, Dorsey explains how blockchain technology can offer a decentralized model for content hosting, monetization and oversight of the content produced. The microblogging platform envisions allowing everyone to build social media services that are interoperable with the existing players. “It will allow us to access and contribute to a much larger corpus of public conversation, focus our efforts on building open recommendation algorithms which promote healthy conversation …,” he said.

(Source: Twitter)

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